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The Best Reward... Our Clients' Accolades

“Over time, we've grown to be one of the largest pet supply distributors on the East Coast. At every step, NacTel has answered the call when it came to our communications needs. When we moved our headquarters the transition was seamless, with no downtime. And to improve productivity, NacTel combined 13 dispersed geographical regions into a single network. They have been indispensable."

Royal Pet Supplies, Brentwood, NY

“This is the first install experience for us where all features promised prior to agreement actually worked after implementation. There was some tough competition, but NacTel’s solution demonstrated a more insightful understanding of our business. We look forward to growing together.”

Intelli-Check, Inc., Woodbury, NY

“Our calls generally deal with people under heavy stress… in pressure situations. Access to staff and information is always mission critical, especially during peak periods. In the healthcare industry where service is everything, NacTel equipment and expertise helps us get the job done — faster and more dependably.”

Vytra, Melville, NY

“We develop sophisticated broadband communications platforms ourselves, so you can imagine how particular we’d be in choosing our business communications partner. In solution and service, NacTel exceeds every expectation, again and again.”

CosmoCom, Melville, NY

“After 10 years, NacTel continues to deliver responsive service, regardless of time or day. Ours was a complex implementation within a critical call center, but planning, technical support, expertise and customer care made it all happen. These guys always do a great job.”

Cablevision, Hauppauge, NY


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