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Network Assessment and Optimization for VOIP Deployment
VoIP Assessment
NacTelligence recognizes that not all companies are the same. Some organizations have their own IT professionals, and in these cases NacTelligence engineers provide services in a supporting role. At all times we respect the authority of the IT team, providing the knowledge, tools, and expertise as requested to support your effort. It is our mission to compliment your IT team and allow them to succeed with their objectives.

Conversely, organizations that do not have their own resources can expect NacTelligence to take a leadership role. At all times we respect your network security and are careful to never compromise the network with our assessments. Any intrusive processes are always reviewed and approved before hand.

As part of NacTelligence consultative sales process we provide a free network assessment for deployment of VoIP. Our proposals will include a Visio wireframe drawing detailing our proposed network topology for LAN/WAN, and Mobility connections. We also include a full carrier analysis as well. We focus on reviewing general configuration of routers, gateways, firewalls, and WAN connections.

Bandwidth review includes:
  • Carrier  traffic analysis
  • WAN bandwidth requirements considering Data and Voice concurrent connections
  • LAN readiness for VoIP, and determination if VLAN configuration will be required
  • Establishment of QOS requirements
In some cases we may recommend using our network monitoring services to detect and report on traffic congestion and processes that are consuming resources.

Optimization for VOIP Deployment
Our assessment analysis will allow us to determine if any changes or upgrades are necessary for successful deployment of your VoIP system. In a number of cases both for SMB and enterprise deployment, only minor changes or no changes at all are required. In most instances simple establishment of QOS voice priority programming is required at the router and switch levels.

In larger applications of over 100 VoIP telephones, we will always recommend deployment of VLAN configurations. Please feel  free to down load the available PDF for VLAN “Best Practices. Sometimes your firewall programming may need to be adjusted to allow pass though of voice services.

The good news is that NacTelligence provides VoIP solutions that are network neutral.  Regardless of the brand of equipment you have in place or prefer to purchase, our solutions will compliment your deployment.  

Feel free to request our more detailed white papers on “Network Readiness”
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