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A critical part of our service set is cabling... the pathway for all voice and data transmissions. Our wiring technicians and designers have deep expertise across virtually every discipline of voice and data cabling... offering solutions and strategies that work best for the specific challenges your business faces now or in the future. Whether its as simple as running additional telephone lines to complex design and complete cabling for multi-building campus environments, our professionalism and expertise is unmatched in our market.

All of our work meets or exceeds established standards, including those published by the:
  • Electronics Industry Association, EIA
  • Telecommunications Industry Association, TIA
  • Building Industry Consulting Service International, BICSI
Examples of our comprehensive services include:
  • Full structured cabling and distribution systems, including voice and data, CAT, fiber optics, horizontal and backbone wiring for virtually any-size facility.
  • Low-voltage wiring for door access, security, fire alarms, CCTV and paging systems.
  • Communication room design and installation, including racks, cabinets, ladder racking and wire management facilities.
  • Repair, testing and certification
  • Network planning and design
  • Total solutions including planning, design, procurement, installation, certification, testing, troubleshooting, repair and project management
  • Expert cable testing and certification services including continuity, wire mapping, noise, length and correct labeling. NacTelligence also certifies from workstation patch cord through workstation jack, cable and patch panel port, as well as for link and channel performance.
  • Printed documentation can be provided attesting to minimum data speed standards of such characteristics as: correct wire mapping, length, attenuation (Insertion Loss), crosstalk and near end crosstalk.
  • NacTelligence also offers 10-year, 25-year and lifetime certification warranties for selected manufacturers.
We also provide a 100% full-service and support commitment to our customers and all NacTelligence structured wiring plans carry full warranties. NacTelligence technicians are experts in high-speed technologies, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, ATM and PBX Networking. They are neat, courteous and respectful, meet the highest standards for quality and professionalism, and are trained and certified by major manufacturers, including Microsoft, Cisco, ShoreTel, NEC and AllWorx. And we can accommodate both union and non-union requirements.

Our projects are documented with floor plans and line items, plus labeling of main and intermediate distributions and jack locations. We work seamlessly with other vendors to ensure smooth, hassle-free construction projects by coordinating and integrating design and cable plans, ensuring that pre-cable infrastructure matches office/partition floor plans, scheduling office/partition installation to coincide with cable installations, installing wiring into all types of furniture for neat, clean appearance and coordinating outlet hardware with furniture and decorations and protect against damage.

Before completing a job we test and finalize everything and conduct full certification procedures to meet 3rd party vendor requirements. Finally, we always remove all leftover materials and debris.  

It’s no wonder we have more than 25 Years and 25 Million Feet of Cabling Experience!
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