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Carrier Optimization
At NacTelligence, we  recognize that your communications system is only as good as the carrier services to which you are connected. Dial tone is only really appreciated when it is missing.

Although cost optimization is always an important ingredient when selecting network and dial tone providers, matching the needs of the client to the right provider is of equal consideration. Your NacTelligence account executive with the support of our team will assess your current carrier’s service, and provide an optimized proposal for improving or replacing services.

This will include a free carrier analysis for network and dial tone provider considerations. To give you the proper perspective our account executives will also provide alternate quotes from available carriers that best meet your needs. Sometimes your current carrier is still the best solution for your needs and ito that end we analyze and may make recommendations on how to realign your current services to better meet your needs or reduce cost. We also can negotiate renewal contracts to achieve better terms and pricing. In any event, before making any decision to engage, or change carriers it is always in your best interest to have your account executive be part of that process to protect your interests, and untangle the choices and technical jargon.

To belay any potential conflict of interest, NacTelligence represents most of the available carriers in our market. However, our Help Desk support staff is very opinionated when it comes to carrier performance. With our thousands of lines of service, and thirty years experience working with the carriers, we have a very good understanding of optimizing the right carrier service with the right client. Additionally, carrier optimization is just a part of our overall consultative sales process and is ancillary to our core business. The benefit to you is that unlike excusive carrier consultants, it is not a main revenue area. Therefore we truly provide an objective viewpoint regarding the carrier solutions that best complement our communication design. Our goal on your behalf is  to achieve optimum performance and cost reduction without bias or favoritism.

Whether you are an existing client or a new opportunity for NacTelligence, or shopping around for help, please contact us today for a free carrier optimization.
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