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NYOD Case Study
Organ donation is part of a system in which failsafe communications can be literally a critical element in a life or death situation. That’s why when it came to the choice of who would install and integrate a new critical communications system for the New York Organ Donor Network, they looked no further than NacTel. NYOD is the nation’s second largest nonprofit, federally designated organ procurement organization. The system they installed is ShoreTel, the provider of a simple Unified Communication (UC) solutions based on its award-winning IP business phone system.

“ShoreTel provided exactly what we were looking for, a communications system that offers complete availability and reliability,” said Jim Aranda, the Donor Network’s vice president of administration and CFO. “Our mission is to save lives through organ and tissue donation.  ShoreTel’s resiliency is especially important because the events that might compromise typical phone and data systems are exactly the circumstances in which our organization might be most needed.”

NacTel’s president, Jamie Buswell, explained that ShoreTel’s system limits the type of exposure Mr. Aranda was referring to by providing the ultimate in redundancy, route diversity and mobility, the three keys to business continuity.  

“The reason we are so high on ShoreTel is that they employ a unique N+1 Technology — it’s a network that is not server-based, but appliance-based,” Mr. Buswell said. “In a typical Nx2 or 2N network, everything is doubled — very expensive and highly inefficient. With N+1 there is a single image across all appliances with distributed processing, so there is no single point of failure. By adding just one additional appliance — the “1” of the N+1 technology — any failure is handled, so essentially we are creating redundancy throughout the entire system.”

Mr. Buswell added that there is no lack of fidelity, and because of the peer-to-peer connectivity in lieu of client-controlled connectivity, speed may actually increase.

Elaborating on how NacTel went about the business of listing and understanding every contingency for the New York Organ Donor Network, Mr. Buswell said that NacTel worked diligently as a team. “The process for the Donor Network entailed an analysis of every possible failure: from carrier to LAN to system to business continuity issues and more,” he said. “From that data set, NacTel developed primary and secondary solutions, all backed up and tested for compliance.”

According to Jim Valdez, the Donor Network’s IT manager, what was compelling about working with NacTel was the consultative nature of the relationship, the installation and the ongoing support.  

“NacTel had the wherewithal to do a demo at our location, which showed their expertise as well as the ease of the ShoreTel system,” Mr. Valdez said. “Also, as a nonprofit, we expected our vendor to work with us on price, but what we did not expect was that the best technology would come in at the lowest cost. Jamie and his team are patient and courteous to a fault, even now during full-on operation and just not during the installation.”

About New York Organ Donor Network: Founded in 1978, the New York Organ Donor Network is the second largest of the nation’s 58 nonprofit, federally designated organ procurement organizations. The Donor Network is responsible for the recovery of organs, eyes and tissues for transplantation, and public and professional education efforts in the greater New York metropolitan area. It serves a highly diverse population of 13 million in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island, Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Westchester and Pike County, PA. The organization partners with 10 transplant centers, more than 100 hospitals, as well as several eye and tissue banks. The New York Organ Donor Network is fully accredited by the Association of Organ Procurement Organizations (AOPO). It is a member of the United Network of Organ Sharing (UNOS). For more information about the Donor Network, and to enroll as an organ donor in the New York State Donate Life Registry, visit www.donatelifeny.org.
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