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Communications without Compromise
Unlike many competitors' systems, Allworx gives you the luxury of choice in telephone technology. Allworx systems support both analog and VoIP phones — in any combination. That means you can adapt new technology all at once, or build up gradually. Either way, you're implementing the solution at your own pace, without compromising.
Allworx Phone Systems
What do you want from a phone… the ability to make calls over the Internet or a standard phone line? Flexible performance as a PBX or Key system unit? Portability between home, office and remote sites? Whatever you need, there is an Allworx phone to fit your need and budget, with customizable features, high-fidelity voice, powerful conferencing the ability to connect anywhere, and materials and workmanship that is built to last.

Designed for companies with up to 60 users, the Allworx 6x system is an all-in-one communication system integrating a feature-rich phone system, advanced IP phones and powerful software features that substantially improve your company’s productivity while saving you on-going monthly costs. The 6x is an excellent choice if you are evaluating new phone and PC network systems.

Key Features
  • Supports VoIP and traditional phone lines
  • PBX and/or Key system features
  • Built-in nine (9) auto attendants
  • Unified messaging
  • Unlimited call routes
  • Presence management
  • One (1) eight (8) seat conference bridge
  • Advanced software features support
On the other end of the spectrum is the Allworx 48x, the largest and most powerful of any Allworx system to date – supporting up to 250 users per system. Its two T1/PRI interfaces make it the perfect solution for businesses which are too large for a single PRI, but not so large that they need the significant expense of an enterprise-class solution.

Key Features
  • Designed for companies of up to 250 employees per site
  • Two (2) T1/PRI interfaces, each capable of supporting any mix of voice and data connectivity
  • Four (4) conference bridges with up to 30 users per conference and up to 60 users in all conferences simultaneously
  • Three (3) FXO ports and five (5) FXS ports
  • Full support for every Allworx VoIP phones, including the new 9204
  • Energy Efficient design for maximum energy cost savings
  • Solid state drive for increased reliability
AllWorx Software Systems
Allworx Call Assistant is a cost-effective answering position and personal call management tool designed specifically for small and medium businesses… a PC-based answering position and personal call management tool that brings the power of enterprise features directly to small businesses.

Key Features
  • Centralized call management
  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • Status for every line and handset on system
  •  “Drag-and-drop” capability for transferring calls
  • Record user’s calls and save as a WAV file
  • Easy access to standard call functions
  • Seamless integration with any Allworx phone
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Support for both VoIP and traditional Central Office (CO) phone lines
  • Favorites Tab— ability to choose which extensions to display
  • TAPI support (bundled with Call Assistant)
  • Sold as an option ◦One time license fee
  • Unlimited number of users
Allworx Automatic Call Distribution is a robust system, allowing you to distribute queued calls in linear priority, round robin, longest idle and ring all styles — a different style for each and every call center need! With Automatic Call Distribution, you can instantly manage all the important configurations of each call queue within your system while also tracking an array of beneficial queue statistics on the performance of both individual agents and each individual queue.
Automatic Call Distribution supports up to 10 queues with 16 calls per queue and 32 calls across all queues at any time (when using an Allworx 24x) or 10 queues with 8 calls per queue and 16 calls across all queues at any time (when using an Allworx 6x).

Key Features
  • Visual indicators show the status of the queue line through variations in the color and blinking of Programmable Function Keys
  • Record custom greetings for each queue
  • Each queue can be assigned a descriptive name to appear whenever drop down menus are available or on your phone display when the phone is ringing
  • Programmable Function Keys can be set so that specific keys light up to represent specific call queues
  • Each phone can be set to respond to queue conditions differently, including different ring cadences, ringing after a user-specified number of callers enter the queue or after callers have exceeded a user-specified time period
  • Calls can be directed to managers or co-workers if the wait time becomes too long, or too many calls are in queue at any given time
  • Track detailed statistics on the performance of individual agents as well as on each call queue within the system
  • Sold as an option. One time license fee
  • Unlimited number of users
AllWorx Conference Center allows you to confidently host conference calls with remote colleagues, internal employees, customers and business partners. Take control of your communications with a fully featured conference center that allows real-time scheduling and managing of conference calls with both internal and remote participants directly from your desktop. Enjoy a fully featured professional conferencing system with comprehensive administrative and user controlled security, scheduling and moderation on a centralized easy-to-use web portal.

Key Features
  • Full administrative view of users and conferences
  • Set up conference calls 24/7
  • Secure conferencing option — ID and Password protection
  • Centralized scheduling and moderation of calls
  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • Seamless integration with Allworx systems and phones
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Ability to create reoccurring conference calls
  • Sold as an option ◦One time license fee
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