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Essential Voice and Data Systems
Think about what it would be like to not be able to run your business… to not have essential communications and technology in place for day-to-day transactions. It’s more common than you think, and sometimes with devastating effects to business relationships and the long term health of your company. At NacTelligence, we understand how critical our core products and services are to the continuous flow of business. And that’s why we are uniquely qualified to provide Business Continuity solutions that are practical, flexible and effective, no matter what your business model.

Does your organization have a Business Continuity plan in place? If so, have you been charged with the task to develop it? And do you understand that it is virtually impossible to consider every possible “disaster” to which your organization would be exposed? And why your goal should be Business Continuity and not Disaster Recovery? At NacTelligence we understand the importance of considering all operational effects of a business interruption.   Our enterprise voice and data systems deploy the following logic to help create the Business Continuity you need:
  • Redundancy
  • High availability (MTBF)
  • Route Diversity
  • Survivability
  • Mobility
Properly designed and deployed systems incorporating the above components will provide more than reasonable protection for disasters.  

Balancing best practices with your tolerance for business interruption, NacTelligence can provide a scalable solution at a cost effective price. And we guarantee the lowest costs of ownership against any other product design meeting your business continuity requirements.  This leadership and recognition of your specific requirements is evident in the positive relationships we have with our enterprise clients, as well as our unified call-center clients.

Please consider inviting our call center specialist to meet with your team to discuss our capabilities incorporating over thirty years experience in the call center space. If you are developing and procuring a voice solution with business continuity, please don’t miss an opportunity to consider NacTelligence.
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